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 Abridor de sulcos p/ pushrod de aileron Cod.GPMR 8140

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Abridor de sulcos p/ pushrod de aileron Cod.GPMR 8140

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 Abridor de sulcos p/ pushrod de aileron Cod.GPMR 8140 

Groove Tube Cutting Tool

Groove Tube/GPMR8140Cuts perfect grooves in balsa quickly and easily

The Groove Tube is designed to create grooves in balsa for installing aileron torque rods and elevator inter-link wires. Modelers simply the push the Groove Tube along the wood surface the hollow end catches and holds the balsa shavings, so there's no mess. After each pass, modelers then press on the other end the spring-loaded plunger forces the shavings out, readying the Groove Tube for another pass.

Groove Tube in use

  • Much safer than using a hobby knife to gouge the wood out

  • Creates a uniformly round groove that increases the rod's performance

  • No sanding required


Groove Tube cutting
Simply push the tool into the wood...
Groove Tube removing wood
to get a perfect groove.


Stock Number: GPMR 8140

Abre sulcos perfeitos e limpos para instalação de alavancas de ailerons.

GPMR 8140 - Abridor de sulcos p/ pushrod de aileron

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